AAMSCO Engineering is your one-window mechanical engineering solution; our rendering services include Pump, flow meter, lube bay equipment, automatic lubricators, oil condition monitoring sensors, filtration systems, and equipment condition monitoring. We are fully empowered to facilitating our clients with incomparable engineering solutions in the fields of Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, and Mining industries (downstream and upstream). We provide all-inclusive engineering solutions with the assurance of complete satisfaction and devotion. Our crew of qualified specialists and our 24-hour customer support team offers an incomparable competitive advantage over others in our domain. Our company has vast experience in providing top-quality tools and equipment and general spare parts to multiple industries. Our teams work to act as an elongated arm to your engineering operations; assisting you in controlling engineering expenses and magnifying your productivity and development.


We further specialize in the following:


Pumps Installation, Maintenance, and Fuel Tank Automation

At AAMSCO Engineering, we have experts in pump installation, repairing, maintenance, and removal. We have immense experience in providing centrifugal pump maintenance and pump repair to various divisions and business industries. We own the technology and expertise to install and repair industrial and commercial pumps swiftly and accurately on the assigned work site.

We are highly experienced in providing fuel tank automation systems to customers. We carefully automate your compliance and fuel monitoring; we protect your business investment. We will customize a tank automation system that implements appropriate access to the information you need to avoid losses to your product and profits.


Valves Services And Maintenance

Our team is skilled in installing pumps, pipe spools, valves, and instrumentation; they are also experienced in practical valve maintenance over a wide range of industries. We have different types of equipment to administer adequate valve maintenance and repair services either on any work site or on a workshop. We offer valve maintenance services to guarantee the accuracy of our client tools and consistent process control.


Pipeline Design And Construction

We are experts in finalizing pipeline design and construction projects following all the environmental protection and safety majors. No matter what design and patterns meet your needs, AAMSCO provides you with the best-suited experience-based services. We have a management team that recognizes preplanning, well-coordinated communication and concludes a quality result produced with safety and reliability.


Fire System Design and Installation

We install reliable fire protection systems, including fire alarms, fire emergency detection, automatic sprinkler, and fire suppressing system. Our crew of engineers carefully plans and devises a fire protection and suppression system tailored to your needs that will detect and react to fire conditions to assure the safety of residents and overcome damage to your area.


Lube Bay Design And Construction

AAMSCO Engineering has constructed multiple lube bay design projects for prominent marketers and independent operators. Our projects have proven to be highly cost-competitive among various organizations. We offer our clients durable lube bay equipment, competitive, cost-effective, and reliable construction, with the utter assurance of meeting their needs and expectations.


Oil Condition Monitoring Sensors

Our experts swiftly and tactfully install and integrate the sensors onto present equipment using existing oil monitoring points. AAMSCO Engineering offers 24/7 global support and guidance. By availing of our services, you will be getting reliable servicing and maintenance, enhanced equipment efficiency, decreased oil sampling, minimized oil waste, and lowered disposal downtime. We provide robust oil condition monitoring sensors that indicate the condition of oils by computing various fluid characteristics including, viscosity, density (light scattering), and electrical properties (permittivity and conductance).


Equipment Condition Monitoring

We have an endorsed record of accomplishments with several high-profile customers. Our progress includes vast experience with multiple massive projects, and we are a renowned provider of equipment condition monitoring services to our customers. Our engineering solutions are very different from conventional methods to the user-specific engineering prospects that minimalize equipment support costs and enhance productivity.


Filtration Systems

Purifying downstream oil and gas applications accommodate removing destructive materials that often diminish operational productivity, decrease equipment lifespan, and spoil finished products. We at AAMSCO, offering you unfailing and trustable filtration systems that purify and eliminate excess elements and undesired debris to produce pure and best-quality products.


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