Our Strategic Alliance

Our Strategic Alliance


Gear Pumps to 5000 PSI • Viscosity up to 4,000,00 Cps • Temperature to 580 deg. F

Pump FIT

Specialty Aftermarket Parts and Pumps

Warren Rupp

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps & Spill Containment Pumps


Sealless Magnetically Coupled Pumps • ANSI Centrifugal 316 SS and Teflon Lined Pumps

*Factory Authorized Seal Repairs*


Most Dependable Elastomer- Bellows Mechanical Seals for OEMs • Replacement Seals for a Multitude of Pump Manufacturers


Leak Free Diaphragm Pumps • Pressure to 17,000 PSI • Metering & Process Pumps • Output to 45,000 GPH • 3A Sanitary • FDA Approved Materials of Construction


Gylon Lip Seals • Bearing Isolators • Compression Packing


Fiberglass Pumps. Horizontal & Vertical ANSI Pumps • Sealless Centrifugal • Self-Priming Pumps • Close Coupled


Gylon Lip Seals • PS-II Triple Lip Seals • Cartridge Mechanical Seals • Mixer Seals • OEM Custom Designed Products


Cartridge Mechanical Seals•Triple Lip Seal • Teflon Lip Seal Gore-Tex Compression Packing

Carver Pump

Centrifugal Pumps to 10,000 GPM & 2800 ft. • TDH • Vertical Cantilever Horizontal Close Coupled


Positive Displacement Rotary Vane Pumps Hand Pumps • Sealless Magnetically Coupled Pumps • Compressors

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